About Us

PrinterSmart first and foremost, dedicates our efforts daily to our customers. PrinterSmart delivers superior products, reliable service, innovative solutions and competitive pricing for:

· Ink and Toner
· Printers
· Printer repair
· Tech support
· and a variety of other offices supplies and services

Our ‘customer comes first’ attitude has created a loyal following of customers that we are both grateful and humbled by.

Our services span a national territory with over 75 distribution areas across the United States. We have a retail location in the Dallas area, and our headquarters is located in Rowlett, Texas.

Let us know how we can bring value and cost savings to your company.

Michael A. Williams
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products and services that the industry has to offer at a competitive rate. We follow our guiding principles to promote healthy long term business relationships with our employees, clients, and business partners and to cultivate a positive and encouraging work environment.

PrinterSmart’s 12 Primary Business Principles:

1. Have a “customer comes first attitude”
2. Go out of our way to educate our employees and clients about the products and services we offer
3. Provide the best possible solutions for our company and our customers
4. Be courteous, friendly, helpful, and professional
5. Be positive, enthusiastic, and encouraging to the people we encounter
6. Be respectful, and polite regardless of the situation
7. View every situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, and mature
8. Act with honesty and integrity
9. Strive to achieve perfection and to reach our full potential
10. Work efficiently, effectively, and to the best of our ability
11. Be resourceful
12. Always strive for win/win solutions

Dependable Service & Support